Features and Benefits of Mobile Banking

Mobile Banking is a free of cost service provided by the bank which enables you to make financial transactions on your mobile device. With digitalisation, banks are developing first-class mobile apps, and almost everyone holding an internet-enabled smartphone can avail of mobile banking facilities. The highly robust Mobile banking application security features eliminate fraudulent activities, thus making mobile banking a safe mode of transactions.

With mobile banking applications, you can conduct basic transactions like fund transfers, checking statements, applying for a new cheque book, debit and/or credit card, etc., from the comfort of your home.

You can transfer money, pay bills, invest in mutual funds etc., regardless of the time and location.

Banks do not levy any additional costs or service charges for providing the Mobile Banking facility. You can freely download online banking apps from the application store.

You can access your accounts and monitor all your transactions regularly.

There are several ways to register for Mobile Banking or sometimes referred to as M Banking by some banks. The common factor is your mobile number since this is where you will receive OTPs and notifications.


Dennis Köhler

Chief Tech Officer, NVA Trust

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